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about us.

Starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is the larger challenge.

eziOffice a division of eziBrand (Pty) Ltd. started in 2016, and although a fairly new company we have more than 20 years experience in streamlining small business and optimizing business processes.

We believe to work smarter and not harder.


Our focus.

understanding business | HELP your business grow

People can be one of the most challenging resources within a company.


Implementing processes and procedures on various levels of business.


Keeping up with the speed of the development of technology these days are key in the process.


Getting the balance between these three aspects is key in achieving the objectives.


Our Services

understanding business | HELP your business grow


With eziEvent it is all about managing information from client capturing to record-keeping.

eziEvent has two focus areas:

Event Participant

Are you tired of filling in form after form after form, year after year after year for the same service provider.

Event Creator

 Are you tired of struggling to get participant info in an easy accessible form?

For more info please visit eziEvent

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The motto of eziNotify is to ensure that all your client are up to date on what is happening when and where – BE INFORMED

With the ability of sending notifications from the Mobile App you can be at your event and send Notifications.

For more info please visit eziNotify

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eziBrand strive to build YOUR brand YOUR market.

“It is your attitude, more than your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.” (Zig Ziglar)

  • Set yourself apart
  • Know your target customer
  • Develop a personality
For more info please visit eziBrand
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What we want to achieve at eziOffice is Understanding your business and HELP your business grow.​

As each business is unique please contact us for more information.

Contact us eziOffice

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we offer.

understanding business | HELP your business grow.


*Per Month

  • * Starting From R149


*Per Month

  • * Starting From R149


*Per Month

  • * Starting From R49
  • R350 Once Off Setup Fee
  • Invoice Ninja Hosing


understanding business | HELP your business grow
eziOffice - Centurion Cricket

Having multiple client and having invoices sent out on a monthly basis was one of my biggest challenges. Thanks to the recurring invoice option from Invoice Ninja this has been resolved. 

eziEvent ensure that I have all the latest information from my parent and players as the parents manages their own profile. All the information can also be downloaded in csv format for custom reports and management.

Hannes Maasdorp

Owner, Centurion Cricket



There are many standard challenges every business faces whether they are large or small.

The hours, the work and the constant pressure to perform wears on even the most passionate individuals.

Many business owners, even successful ones, get stuck working much longer hours than their employees.

Moreover, they fear their business will stall in their absence, so they avoid taking any time away from work to recharge.

Fatigue can lead to rash decisions about the business, including the desire to abandon it completely.

Finding a pace that keeps the business humming without grinding down the owner is a challenge that comes early (and often) in the evolution of a small business.


If you get hit by a car, is your business still producing income the next day?

A business that can’t operate without its founder is a business with a deadline.

Many businesses suffer from founder dependence, and this dependence is often caused by the founder being unable to let go of certain decisions and responsibilities as the business grows.

Meeting this challenge is easy in theory—a business owner merely has to give over more control to their employees or partners.

In practice, however, this is a big stumbling block for founders because it usually involves compromising (at least initially) on the quality of work being done until the person doing the work learns the ropes.

Balancing Quality
& Growth

Even when a business is not founder-dependent, there comes a time when the issues from growth seem to match or even outweigh the benefits.

Whether a service or a product, at some point a business must sacrifice in order to scale.

This may mean not being able to personally manage every client relationship or not inspecting every widget.

Unfortunately, it is usually that level of personal engagement and attention to detail that makes a business semi-successful.

Therefore, many small business owners often find themselves tied to these habits to the detriment of the company’s growth.


If a single client makes up more than half of your income, you are more of an independent contractor than a business owner.

Diversifying your client base is vital to growing a business, but it can be difficult, especially when the client in question pays well and on time.


Having enough cash to cover the bills is a must for any business, but it is also a must for every individual.

Whether it is your business or your life, one will likely emerge as a capital drain that puts pressure on the other.

One of the worst things a would-be business owner can do is to go into a small business without considering the challenges ahead.

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understanding business | HELP your business grow